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Every piece of furniture has a story to tell, hand made with passion and purpose.

Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture


LivinRoots Woodworks is a woodwork and sawmilling business based in Dummerston, VT. We provide a variety of handcrafted wood products, including furniture, live-edge tables, slabs, cutting boards, countertops, and many more.
At LivinRoots, we don’t just make different products out of wood; we craft masterpieces that convey a story personal to you. For this purpose, we use superior quality recycled wood and handmake every single one of our items in Vermont with excellent craftsmanship.

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Our Story

Chestnut Coffee Table: A true Carpenter Story…
My husband and I were renovating our 1850 farm house when we came upon some beautiful Chestnut beams that were part of the house. We had to tear them out as this was a section of the house that we were adding onto and pouring a new foundation. We saved the beams in hope of doing something with them. We just werenʼt sure. I asked Matt if he thought that the beams could be salvaged in any way. He took them to his shop to check them out. Shortly there after he called us up with some great ideas. He would be able to make a beautiful coffee table for our living room made out of these beams. It was very exciting to think these old ratty beams full of old nails and holes had potential. And it was Matt that saw it! A short time after Matt delivered us our beautiful table. It is so really amazing to think this olde wood that once held up our home was salvaged to now be the centerpiece of our living room. Matt is a true craftsman.

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Indoor and outdoor furniture.
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Live-edge tables, benches, end tables, & picnic tables.
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Custom Sawmilling.
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Slabs, Many sizes, and species. Learn more.

Wide Slab Planning Services.
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Cutting Boards.
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Custom Home Goods. (Live Edge Shelves, Kitchen Islands, Countertops)
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Outdoor/Indoor Furniture

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Outdoor/Indoor Furniture