LivinRoots Woodworks is a woodwork and sawmilling business based in Dummerston, VT. We provide a variety of handcrafted wood products, including furniture, live-edge tables, slabs, cutting boards, countertops, and many more.

At LivinRoots, we don’t just make different products out of wood; we craft masterpieces that convey a story personal to you. For this purpose, we use superior quality recycled wood and handmake every single one of our items with excellent craftsmanship.

About the Founder.

I moved back to Vermont after traveling around the country and living in various places while working as an arborist and arboriculturist. I came back to the place I grew up; Vermont is home for me. I bought a house and wanted to build all my furniture. I got a chainsaw mill and started milling and building furniture as I needed them. This hobby had been a passion of mine, creating things out of wood that tells a story, so I decided to spread my passion to others. I’ve been working with trees for 20 years.

Our Core Values.

LivinRoots Woodworks operates based on a system of values.
These values dictate our attitude and overall customer service that helps us get repeat clients.

We prioritize crafting and selling only high-quality products. We use the best raw materials and combine them with our expertise to create beautiful wood products for your home.

As an expanding business in a rapidly changing industry, we aim to be professional in all our dealings. Our team is trained to treat customers with courtesy and respect. Furthermore, we ensure that we deliver what we promise with strict adherence to the pre-decided timeline.

The passion of our whole team, including the administration and artisans, stems from the dedication of our founder. His passion for creating wood products that are more personal to the clients inspires every one of us and is expressed in our work as well.

Outdoor/Indoor Furniture