Indoor Furniture

Don’t compromise when furnishing your indoor living space. For your living room, family room, kitchen, or add a coffee table that’s as gorgeous as it is functional.

If your dining room needs a makeover, we can help with that as well, whether you need a table for a few or many. Maybe your current dining room table completes your space just fine, but you’d love to add a bar for extra seating. Livin Roots features countertops in a range of styles to best fit into your space’s aesthetic.

Our indoor furniture experts can even help you choose from multiple styles of furniture. Regardless of where you reside in the Dummerston area, we’ll deliver your desired product to your home as well.

Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor living space is a significant selling point for any home. Everyone wants to enjoy a relaxing evening watching the sunset or be able to move the party outside. Whether you’re furnishing a patio for outdoor gatherings or developing your space into a grill station, Livin Roots Woodworks can help.

Our selection of outdoor patio furniture has something for every style. Live edge is perfect for those looking to blend into the natural look. These upscale outdoor patio furnishings are perfect for entertaining and give your space a unique vibe.

Hit us up for more details, or arrange a meeting to consult with our knowledgeable staff about the ideal way to complete your outdoor space.

Live Edge Tables, Benches, End Tables, and Picnic Tables

We specialize in quality live-edge tables, benches, end tables, and picnic tables. You can set these up in your patio or create a relaxing space outside.

To learn more about the various options available and the best ways to utilize these tables, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation with our experts.

Outdoor/Indoor Furniture
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture

Custom Sawmilling

Sawmilling comes naturally to us. Working closely with landowners from start to finish, we strive to produce the highest quality lumber possible from your trees. We can turn your logs into valuable lumber by setting up our portable sawmill on your site, or if preferred, you can bring the logs to our stationary site.

Portable Sawmilling

Logs 3 -20 feet long and approximately 8″ and greater in diameter logs on the small end make great candidates for sawing on our portable sawmill; however, this is just a guideline. We can cut other size logs also. We have the capability to mill as wide as 60″ diameter logs seamlessly.

It may take several days to complete your job depending on the number of logs, how well the weather cooperates, what size lumber you want cut.

A simple stacking method is used to promote air around the lumber to help it dry. 1-inch square sticks (called stickers) are carefully placed to space out the lumber. We can cut these for you and place them while stacking your lumber, or you can make your own.

We strive to provide you with the best sawmilling possible. We can do as much work as you require and ensure to always deliver on time.

Portable Saw-milling
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture


Our slabs are perfect for your home projects. If you require some urgently, we have readymade slabs available for sale as well.

If you require more information on the design and pricing of the slabs, drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you with the details.

Wide Slab Planning Services

We at Livin Roots specialize in the production of large-size planning services for the slabs you may have; we can reduce the amount of sanding by planning with a 60″ wide capacity. To get your favorite slab flat and ready to build something great with.

Outdoor/Indoor Furniture

Cutting Boards

Safely handle food with our cutting boards; we use all food-grade finish’s. Our cutting boards are all unique in their way. We supply many shapes and sizes to fit your needs ranging from gorgeous live edge to exceptionally unique designs.

For expert consultation on the right cutting board to buy, feel free to contact us, and one of our pros will guide you.

Custom Home Goods (Live Edge Shelves and Islands)

Live Edge Shelves
Our live edge shelves are customized to suit your space’s look and functionality. Connect with us to learn more about our live edge shelves options.

Kitchen Islands
A kitchen island or peninsula is top on the list of must-haves for everyone. Each island we build is unique and is a personalized expression of our customer’s style and the centerpiece of the final kitchen design. Some options to consider incorporating into an island:

  • Base cabinets with countertops at the height of the rest of the kitchen
  • Combining base and wall cabinets to create a bi-level island
  • Using wall cabinets only for a bar-height island
  • Topping the island with a countertop such as live edge wood slab different from that in the rest of the kitchen
  • Creating a furniture look with cabinet accessories such as decorative feet, legs, corbels, and end door panels
  • Incorporating open shelves for a casual furniture look
  • Finishing the island cabinetry with different classes and species of wood than the perimeter kitchen cabinets.
Live Edge Shelves
Outdoor/Indoor Furniture


No kitchen is complete without a good, solid countertop. Livin Roots provides handcrafted live edge countertops that are sure to handle the pressure of a kitchen and add to the aesthetics of your house. Custom made to fit your kitchen.

If you’re looking for more information on our wide variety of countertops, send us your queries through the Contact form or set up an appointment with one of our experts.