Several years ago we unfortunately had to have a beautiful, old Maple tree taken down that was directly behind our house. For thirty years we had tried to save it by having cables and threaded rods added to stabilize it. Sadly disease took hold that was beyond the tree’s ability to fight off. The trunk of the tree rested on our property in sections after we had cut what we could for cordwood. We wanted to honor the tree and not simply let it rot on the ground but could not find a solution at the time. We were determined, though, and eventually enlisted the help of Kurt Jillson (some may know him from his work with small machines at Brown and Roberts, Brattleboro) who shared in our determination and also possessed a chainsaw with a bar longer than ours! He did a magnificent job carving out several large slabs and I completed the work by cutting several smaller ones.

We dried the slabs in our barn for about a year and a half still not knowing how we might take the project to the next level. This past year a friend introduced us to Matt Carruthers who came and looked at the slabs and determined that he could indeed help us create something beautiful from them. And he did! We selected one of the larger slabs and Matt moved it to his shop where the magic began. He was both professional and personable in his interactions with us and in every aspect along the way we couldn’t have been more pleased and impressed with his skill, guidance and responsiveness. In the end we now have a beautiful dining table but more importantly feel we have honored this stately tree that stood on this property for well over one hundred years. Equally important to us is having the work of Matt and Kurt part of helping make our vision (and theirs, as well) a reality. We are indebted to both Matt and Kurt for helping us add to the story of our house and the property on which we are fortunate to live.

Kathy Ernst and Larry Alper

We hired Matt at Livin Roots WoodWorks to slab out a tree for us. This tree has been on my family’s property for more than three generations. It a beautiful 58″ tap hole sugar maple that we have been tapping for years. Matt came to our place, set up his mill, and let us participate where we could. He was on time, extremely professional, he did a high-quality job on such a one of a kind piece. Once the slabs are dry, we CAN’T WAIT to turn these into beautiful tables with Matt’s help. He is truly incredible with the work he does. I highly recommend him for your milling to furniture needs.

Kristen G